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We are expanding our range of parts and accessories. Why should these old cars which were decades ahead of their time in 1970 be consigned to the past?  Let's keep our Rebel Machines relevant and happening!


Vehicles for Sale


This Vehicle Listing are provided “as is” and “as available”.

Vehicles on this listing have been submitted by their owners for sale.  Any photographs, claims about the vehicle's condition, milage, or history are made by the vehicle owner and have not in any way been verified by us.

We always recommend, as when purchasing any used vehicle, that you request your own CARFAX or AUTOCHECK vehicle search to establish the vehicle's ownership, accident history and that you have it inspected by a reputable mechanic who you trust to identify any road worthiness issues before you purchase the vehicle.

We do not verify the information about these vehicles and you agree to not hold us responsible for the information provided or any action which you or the seller take based on this information.


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